by Verónica Ruiz

The motivation to create this blog has been double: first, it aims to be a consultation and practical guidance platform for the patient, allowing me to approach in the simplest and clearest way that I can, in reference to concepts and quality information related to dermatological surgery and the care of surgical patients.

In second place, this blog is not presented as a unilateral discourse, but also aspires to be a space that favours interactivity between professionals within a common area, so that we have the opportunity to share different views on a given topic.

This is why it is about using and promoting “collective intelligence”, to create a 2.0 tool that is useful and destined to the benefit of all the participants.

The published content will combine the evidence obtained from the different studies published in medical literature together with the experience I have obtained till today, which is the best way to learn, advance and grow professionaly.

I am, however, aware that despite having accumulated surgical practice for over 17 years in my professional career, I still have a long way to go and lot to learn (we never stop learning!), which am sure I will enjoy doing.


 The important thing is not to be better than others, but better than yesterday

Sigmund Freud