by Verónica Ruiz

“Life Told by a Sapiens to a Neanderthal” by Juan José Millás and Juan Luis Arsuaga

The authors bring us closer to some of the most relevant milestones that have characterized the evolution of the human species, from the proximity that involves the observation (and experimentation) of different daily situations in our current contemporary environment.

The narration stands out by the comprehensibility and naturalness that are intrinsic to the “one-on-one” dialogues between the 2 authors (the prestigious paleontologist and journalist) and which follow one another throughout the work.

“How they rule the world” by Pedro Baños

The author, a Spanish military and Colonel of the Army, exposes the historic background and motivations that have provoked the beginning of the great wars in our time, as well as the keys to exercise geostrategic control by the major world powers.

Besides that, and taking into account that the kind of “weapons” and the way to use them to fight a war have been modified in our current society, some principles described in this book could be easily extrapolated in the field of political influence at the territorial and supranational level.

“Ice times” by Fred Vargas

In this book, the author brings us deep into the history of some crimes that took place in the current time and others that happened 50 years ago. The story presents as background the organization of secret meetings that evoke the influence and legacy of the French politician Robespierre and the experiences of a group, with no relationship between the members, during a trip to Iceland.

In my opinion, this book is one of the author´s best novels, that combines on one hand, suspense until the end and on the other hand, some great historical and philosophical concepts.

“SAPIENS. From animals to Gods: A brief history on mankind” by Yuval Noah Harari.

How have we managed as species (Homo Sapiens) to build the current economic, social and political system? This interesting book addresses in a clear and simple way, but in depth, the main milestones in human evolution that have allowed us to become what we are. The set of advances that have caused the development of our society has brought us comfort but has this really contributed to making us happier (in the deepest sense of the word)?. A work that generates a lot of reflection, and at the same time, encourages the reader to inquire more about the history of the human being. A text that you cannot stop reading.

“La vida que aprenc” by Carles Capdevila.

An excellent autobiographical text made up of a selection of articles where the author presents his thoughts and reflections on daily matters and other issues of greater importance such as education, human relationships, health and attitude towards life. A book that captivates you from the first chapter for its sincerity, humanity and wisdom.

“Aislado. Viaje interior de un náufrago” by Quico Taronji.

The author recounts, in first person and in detail, the experience he had during his solo adventure aboard on a kayak for two and a half months through the Mediterranean sea. An authentic book that brims with passion and describes his personal evolution on an inner journey towards self-knowledge.